Moles are annoying inside and outside of the home. Outside the home, they will dig holes in your lawn looking for food sources such as grubs. With grub infestations taking over lawns in many states, moles have become a common secondary problem. You can use a home remedy to spread on your lawn to get rid of the moles, but it is not safe for wild animals and pets as well as children. It would be wise to use a professional pest control company that is insured and licensed to take care of the moles and maybe even the grubs.

When you have a mole problem, chances are they will come into the house when the weather turns cooler. If enough of them come into the house, you can have a problem that is similar to mice infestation. You need to have an exterminator inspect your home and find out where they are entering and where they are living. After assessing the problem, exterminators can offer you a pest management plan that will eliminate the moles and successfully keep them from coming back. For this to be effective, you might need to eliminate them from the outside as well.

If you have a mole problem, you should look for the safest way to eliminate them without causing harm to pets, children and other animals. Pest control is not something everyone should attempt especially if you are not comfortable searching the outside or inside of your home for the annoying moles. Pesticides that are used need to be approved for use in certain areas and a professional exterminator will know what they can and cannot use safely. The pest control company is trained, certified and insured to do all exterminating work you need done.

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