When low flow toilets first entered the marketplace, plumbers were inundated with complaints.

Consumers just weren’t ready for the changes that low flow toilets brought.

Today, professional plumbers are equipped to repair low flow toilets, and many modern day homeowners are choosing to purchase low flow toilets.

Not only are low flow toilets being showcased in newer homes, but they have been added to older homes during remodeling.

These toilets are excellent due to the fact that they save water.

However, many homeowners simply aren’t prepared for the changes that accompany these toilets.

Low flow toilets that automatically flush when someone stands up have come with their own share of mishaps. For instance, young children can be fascinated with the commode and often enjoy watching little toys and figurines swim down the drain.

Due to the low volume, it may take multiple flushes to completely clear the bowl. This can result in the toilet become easily clogged.

Even when low flush toilets are operating normally, many people feel that they are not. In an attempt to have more water flow into the bowl someone may jiggle the handle until it breaks.

It’s important to discuss the proper functioning of your low flush toilet to ensure that you are using it correctly.

If there is a problem, don’t attempt a do-it-yourself fix. Call a professional plumber to asses the problem and correct it.

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