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How do you decide between public or private work?

There are many different aspects of a legal career, and figuring out what specific niche you want to work in is one of the main challenges facing a young, aspiring attorney. Narrowing down specialties is difficult enough, but you also have to consider who you want to work for–yourself, or a public firm? There are many advantages and disadvantages to both, which is why we turned to our experienced attorneys to find out what kind of advice they have. Below, we’ve collected the main points our legal professionals think new attorneys should take into consideration, and listed the pros and …

marriage lawyer

Why should you hire a marriage lawyer?

When the subject of marriage comes up, most people think about everlasting love and a commitment to family. It’s nice to view marriage as a romantic institution, free from the legal realities of the world, but that isn’t reality. Marriage is as much a legal contract as it is a romantic one, and ignoring that aspect of it only puts you and your future spouse at risk. For this reason, we here at eLocal asked our legal professionals to help illustrate some of the reasons hiring a lawyer before getting married is a good idea. Here are some of the …


Insurance Claims: Clauses to Watch For

The world of insurance is complicated, no matter what variety you’re looking into buying. Unfortunately, with so many options, it can be easy to trip yourself up and choose a policy that doesn’t suit your needs. This is a major problem in all situations, but it is especially bad if you find yourself in a situation where you need to utilize your insurance policy, and it turns out that you aren’t covered. An insurance policy that doesn’t cover your claim can mean you have to pay for your court costs out of pocket, or even that you will get poorer …


When is Settling the Right Choice?

With the plethora of courtroom dramas and police procedurals on television these days, it’s no surprise that everybody thinks they know more about the legal profession than they really do. The truth is, dramatizations of legal proceedings are nothing like how cases really go down, and these exciting yet false portrayals can really skew a client’s expectations when they end up needing to argue a case. One of the elements that suffers the most is the settlement. Too often, clients equate “settling” with “losing,” and develop a false sense that if their lawyer is encouraging them to settle, it’s because …


How can you make legal expenses affordable?

Figuring out how to navigate the legal world while dealing with a case of your own is stressful enough without having to worry about how you’re going to pay for everything. Unfortunately, legal council can get quite expensive, and many people forego appropriate representation simply because they cannot afford it. Other people go into debt trying to pay fees that are well beyond their means, which can be disastrous if they do not win their case or get a settlement in the end. But how can clients find affordable legal help? What are their options? To find the answer to …

expensive adoption

Why is adoption so expensive?

When a couple can’t have children of their own, or doesn’t want to, adoption is a very popular option. Thousands of American families adopt children every year, through various different means. However, the process of adopting a child can sometimes be prohibitively expensive, which can cause problems for prospective adopters. We were curious about why, exactly, adoption is so expensive, and we turned to our legal professionals to find the answers. They had a lot of helpful insights that make the complicated and costly process of adoption seem far less daunting and more reasonable. 1. Putting the Expense in Perspective …

common calls

What do attorneys get the most calls about?

Most of us are a bit ignorant toward what others do for a living and what their jobs entail. This is particularly true of the legal profession. We all operate under the same laws, yet we need lawyers to sift through the intricacies of them for us. This week, we asked our network what they get asked the most, and learned that many of us contact attorneys even when we could probably find out the information for ourselves. Even so, the help of a seasoned professional is key to finding out how to right a complicated wrong or work the …


How does the Statute of Limitation vary by state?

Statutes of Limitations are unimportant and essentially irrelevant to most of us, until they aren’t. When a loved one is treated unethically in the hospital, medical practice statutes suddenly become valuable information. Since most of the public is unaware of how the Statutes of Limitations work in their state, we looked to our legal resources to give us more information and clarify how the statutes work. 1) Why the Statutes of Limitations vary state to state Attorney Shane Fischer of Shane E. Fischer, P.A explains: “It varies based upon the dates each legislature sets. Under our Constitution, the federal government …

law degree

What should you consider before getting a law degree?

Many undergraduates are looking into pursuing graduate and doctorate degrees, but the process can be overwhelming. Figuring out what factors to take into consideration is quite a challenge. Typically, a graduate degree is specialized to prepare you for your future career, but will you even enjoy the job? And will it be worth the steep price? A graduate degree, particularly a law degree, is very expensive. Students should be aware of the amount of debt they are inheriting, though large debt is justifiable when you’re taking a step toward your dream career.

distracted driving

Are distracted driving laws preventing accidents?

Cell phones tend to be our fifth appendage, but there is one place they do not belong: the hands of a driver. According to the Official US Government’s Website for Distracted Driving, “18% of injury crashes in 2010 were reported as distraction-affected crashes.” Distracted driving is defined as any activity that can divert a driver’s attention from their primary task, operating the vehicle. All distractions, including eating and drinking, endanger passengers and others on the road. But text messaging is the most notable distraction because it interferes with the driver’s vision, concentration, and control of the car. In the US, …