One of the most frustrating things about a leaking toilet is that it’s very difficult to find the source of the leak.

It could be condensation problems, a loose toilet, a rotting donut or a pipe leaking somewhere.

It might be something simple or it could be something that requires special tools to fix.

If not repaired, leaking toilets can cause major damage.

Watch for water on the bathroom floor. If you have an upstairs bathroom and the toilet is leaking, you might see some signs in a lower ceiling.

The best course of action is to call a professional plumber at the first sign of a leaking toilet. Sometimes a leaking toilet is the result of a loose toilet. The solution isn’t just tightening the toilet. In most cases, a new donut is needed.

If the floor is rotten, new flooring around the toilet will be needed before the donut is replaced.

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