Faucets usually leak because a gasket wears out or the faucet itself is old.

If you have old faucets, newer faucets won’t leak. If it is just a gasket, you could replace that yourself.

But, if you are replacing a leaking faucet with a totally different and updated model, you might want a professional handling the installation.

There’s always a good reason to have the faucets fixed as soon as possible, the main reason is to keep your water bill down. A leaky faucet or a running toilet can run up a water bill very quickly.

Leaking outside faucets tend to sweep into the basements causing water problems or excess moisture in the basement.

Whether you have leaking pipes or leaking faucets, you need to have an experienced plumber come in and replace or repair the area of concern.

But, before you call a plumber, make sure the faucet has been turned off completely.

Sometimes, it may appear that you have a leak, when, actually, the faucet isn’t really turned off tightly.

However, if it still continues to leak, then you know you have a problem.

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