insurance policy cancellationWhen a person enters into an agreement with an insurance company it is expected that premiums will be paid on a timely basis.

if the premiums are not paid, the policy will be subject to cancellation.

When notice of an impending cancellation is received, it is very important to talk to a company representative.

To avoid cancellation due to unpaid payments, it’s is important to alert the company.

Many times a payment arrangement can be created so that the policy stays in effect.

Simply ignoring premium payments will bring about a certain cancellation.

If your insurance company has cancelled your policy due to a possible violation of their terms, you may find that it is best to speak with an experienced insurance attorney. An attorney can review your policy and will be able to determine whether or not the terms of your policy have been violated. If the attorney believes that you have a case, he or she will advise you regarding the best steps to take. You may find that a letter from your attorney is all that is needed to have the insurance company reinstate your policy, or you may find that it is necessary to take legal action in court. You should also let your attorney know about any financial burdens you have been inflicted with since the insurance company cancelled your policy.