hospital malpracticeHospital malpractice and negligence is more common than most people realize.

In fact every year the number of people who lose their lives due to hospital errors and mistakes is staggering.

No one is immune; victims as young as birth to the elderly are all susceptible to hospital errors and the consequences may be life threatening and devastating.

If you or your loved one has been a victim of a hospital error, you should contact an attorney immediately. He or she will review your case and will determine whether or not you have a legitimate claim.

Prescription errors are one of the most common forms of hospital mistakes and negligence. This occurs when a medical health care professional prescribes the wrong medication for a patient, but it may also include errors in dosing, a dangerous combination of medications being prescribed, or prescribing medication that the patient is allergic to.

Another area where medical negligence and mistakes are made is in the area of childbirth.

From mistakes made with the mother to birth injuries, the result of these medical errors are devastating.

One of the most serious issues regarding hospital malpractice is the fact that the error or mistake often leaves a patient in worse physical condition then they were when they first arrived at the hospital. Since the patient already had a physical impairment, it is often more difficult for patients to recover.

What is even more troubling is realizing that most errors could have been prevented.