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Doug Murrell



Best Resources for Home Improvement Professionals

One word is all I need to say for me and the internet is the gateway to knowledge. You want to know about it just ask the internet it will tell you. The best resource I know of
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Getting Started in Home Improvement

I started my own business after working for someone for 18 years. This gave me the knowledge I need to do the work that I was best at. Having an good account and Lawyer will also help. To decide if it is best to be a DBA or Corporation. Owning your own business can be rewarding and sometime frustrating but in the end it is worth it.

Learning from Mistakes

Mistakes are how we all learn. Without them we cannot mature in the type of business we do. Mistakes help you learn so much more and just become so much better as a professional.
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Aging in Place for Homeowners

Most changes to an house for the elderly would be hand railings and try to keep everything on the first floor level. There are funds available usually at local county and department of aging to help with the costly repairs and a lot of times the cost might not be as bad as you mind think.Do it simple is the best way it will work for you and keep the cost down

Upcycling, Recycling and Removing Old Junk

Can recycle what you don't need with a lot of different organizations. You can also get rid of what you don't need. You can also give to volunteer organizations or to Habitat for Humanity who could possibly use it.

The Keys to De-Cluttering

Look at your storage option and create better ways to store and sometimes you dont need the clutter and you can just get rid of it

Making Your Man Cave

If someone wants to build a special room and they take the time to consider what they want to do with it,it could be an access to the house. I think handy people can do things with the help of a good professional willing to teach them the rights and wrongs of doing the project. There are certain jobs which are better handled by the pro but certainly the homeowner can do things on there own.I have trained many novices to do the job right and believe this works in today society. I have tackled many jobs where I am not a professional in it but with the right help I got it done with no problem
unhappy clients

How to Handle an Unhappy Client

I just say communication is the key and just do the right and make them happy. In the long run it is better for you and the customer
green tips

Quick Tips for Going Green

Recycling paper and plastic,led lights more inefficient use of heating energy. Collection of rainwater actually has been going on for over 40 years or more. Can use this for domestic purposes only

DIY: the Dos and Donts

There are plenty of courses out there for the do it yourselfer and I believe if taken and taught by the right person someone who is talented can do a lot of there own repairs. I taught people in school for the sole purpose so that they can do it themself. Proper training is the key and that they have the talent to do so.
historic home

Expert Tips for Historic Home Owners

The challenges with old homes are the electric, which has insulation on it that breaks off, and usually the plumbing, which is galvanized. Galvanized plumbing gives you two problems: drains plug easily, and there are threaded joints which rot, leading to pipe leaks. In a lot of cases the electric can be replaced and plumbing upgraded by the right people. Windows and insulation would be your next problem. Mostly you will find no insulation, and poor window seals. I have a lawyer friend who has a building which is old and protected by history, but he was able to get through the system and update windows and portions of his building. It is a challenge when you take on an old home. If you can do some of the work, that saves you money. Also if the structural has no problems, it is always a plus as well.
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What everyday appliances get taken for granted?

The modern day furnace has helped with the rising cost of energy by lowering your operating cost. The new furnaces have the capability to do self diagnoses to help the home owner and service personnel to speed up repairs. Longer warranties also hold down the cost of major repairs.

How do home businesses adapt to changing seasons?

In the heating and cooling business there slow times because of the season but you can do preventative maintainence on equipment. Also explore other avenues of the business such as refrigeration service is big and is a spin off of hvac,also there is full time when you look at green energy sources to pursue a career in. There is so many opportunities coming out in this market,ways to heat and cool for free.
home security

Top Home Security System Advice

Home security absolutely works and having one will protect your home while you are away or even if you are home. You can also use cameras to give you even more protection and I highly recommend homeowners using them to keep their homes and their families safe. You should connect to local law enforcement to give you the best protection. I would use internal and external monitors as well as door and window monitors and possible motion detection when you aren't home. Furthermore, you should use a national alarm contractor that has the latest and greatest technology available. I would also recommend using the alarm company capabilities to protect your house if you go on vacation in the winter in order to monitor the temperature in your house. This will allow you to know if the heat goes off.
2013 trends

Top Home Trends Predicted for 2013

It is all about being Green and you will see more solar,wind and geothermal design coming on the horizon. More and more people looking to save energy. The issue with natural gas and the abundant that we have will be big in 2013. Gas air conditioning can be big if people have gas wells on there property can heat and cool for free. It is a great concept. Thank you
polluted air

The Danger of Polluted Indoor Air

There are several ways to make the air quality better in your house. Number one is duct a 6 inch sheetmetal run from return air to an outdoor window. It does two things introduces fresh air to your house and gives some pressurization which adds to your insulation factor. The second thing is using a air to air heat exchanger which introduces fresh air and will preheat the outdoor air coming in to your house with your exhausted air from bathrooms or kitchen. The third thing you can use UV lamps helps in controlling varies odors and bacteria growth. All these methods work very well and are proven