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When’s the best time to remodel?

The changing seasons bring a lot of color to our world, but they can also mean putting projects you want to do on your home on delay. You don’t want to be redoing a roof in the middle of rainy season, or pouring concrete when the ground is frozen. Picking the right time of year for your remodel goals can mean the difference between a successful project done on time and on budget, and a remodel that drags on for weeks and hits half a dozen snags. Below, we’ve compiled a list of just a few things to consider when …

dream home

What is your dream project?

It’s easy to focus in too much on the toils that come along with working in the home improvement industry, and forget the fun parts. To lighten the mood and get to know our experts just a little bit better on a personal level, last week we asked them to describe their dream projects–the ones they would love to work on if budget were no option and they could just go crazy. We found out that home industry professionals can be quite imaginative! Here are just a few of their dream projects. Grand View Builders If given the opportunity to …

cut costs

How can you cut costs without compromising quality?

Whether you’re building a home from scratch or planning a remodel, doing home improvement or construction work can get costly very quickly. It’s unsurprising, then, that homeowners are always looking for ways to save money and cut down on their budget. However, there are many aspects of a construction budget that should never be compromised, and too often homeowners settle for shoddy work because of a savings opportunity. How can you cut back on your cost without compromising quality or, more importantly, safety? Our home experts have some suggestions for where you can save money. Get Professional Advice It may …

refuse project3

When should you refuse a project?

When you work in a service industry, you often find yourself at the mercy of your clients’ whims. Many homeowners do research into what trends are popular and what options are available to them beforehand, and sometimes they have bad information and want something that is either impractical or unsafe. Dealing with a situation where a customer wants you to circumvent the rules for a project can be a tricky, delicate process, and it’s a tough situation for both the homeowner who isn’t getting what he or she wanted, and for the professional who might even have to walk away …

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How do you prepare a home for the disabled or elderly?

When you’ve just bought your dream home or are designing and building it yourself, you might not want to think about the future when you may not be so able-bodied. Sadly, youth doesn’t last forever, and homeowners who want to age in place must take this into consideration from the get-go. Preparing a home for the elderly or disabled can be more complicated and more costly than you might think, and it’s not just about adding hand holds in the bathroom! Luckily, our experts have a lot of advice to make it easier on you. Expert Steve Robinson points us …


To DIY or not to DIY?

For the price-conscious homeowner, DIY might seem like a great way to save yourself some money on home improvement and repair projects. After all, professional repairs can sometimes seem prohibitively expensive, and the cost of professional repairs around the house can add up quickly. It’s easy to see why some homeowners are tempted to attempt repairs themselves. However, there is a reason that professionals exist, and there are many situations in which DIY should never be attempted. You could end up costing yourself more in the long run, or permanently damaging yourself or your home. With help from our experts, …

historic home

What challenges do historic homeowners face?

For many people, owning a historic home is a dream come true. The classic style and old-world charm attracts homeowners all across the country, ready to get their hands dirty rebuilding that Victorian-style beauty on the corner or that old west-style ranch across town. But many historic homeowners quickly discover that owning a historic home is much more complicated than you might think. From zoning regulations and historical society rules to structural damage, old homes can really throw you for a spin. How can you be sure you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew? We asked our experts …

healthy home

6 Updates for a Healthier Home

When you’re at home, the last thing you want to be worrying about is what dangers might be lurking around every corner. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize the real risks posed by threats they can’t even see. That’s why we turned to our experts, to find out what updates and changes homeowners can make to keep their homes safe, and to help them rest easy at night. Our experts had a lot of suggestions, ranging from minor home adjustments to more major undertakings.

building codes

How should homeowners handle building codes?

Above all, building permits are meant to keep people safe. No city officials want their residents living in a house with a disintegrating foundation, or where the electrical system is a sparking, fire-starting disaster waiting to happen. But many homeowners find that those efforts to keep them safe often only serve to frustrate them. If you’re planning a new home improvement project, make sure you get the lowdown on how to comply with your area’s building codes and construction laws. Responsibility Responsibility is a tricky issue when it comes to building codes. Many homeowners who hire contractors feel that it …

winterize article

How do you winterize a home?

Last week, we asked our panel of home improvement experts about the best projects to prepare your home for the coming winter. We got a fantastic response that highlights winterization projects for the coldest regions of the country, but also for more temperate regions that may not get frozen but can definitely benefit from some cold season preparation. We’ve compiled as short list of our favorite tips below. Because we got such a good response, we’ve decided to make a winterization project infographic due for release late next week, so stay tuned! Protecting Pipes Freezing pipes are a nightmare for …