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Uniting Home Improvement and New Technology

When we asked our expert panel about their favorite new technologies, we expected to hear about industry- specific implements and tools, but our experts surprised us. We were inundated with responses hailing the advent of new communication technologies. Smartphones, web applications, social media outlets and digital cameras were listed as favorites across the home improvement industry. These new tools are making it easier for professionals to connect and collaborate with their clients. Smartphones While the iPhone is the most versatile and common smartphone on the market, it’s smartphones in general are getting a big thumbs-up from home improvement professionals. Even …

2012 trends

The Biggest Home Improvement Trends for 2012

Given today’s static housing market, more and more families are turning to home improvements to make their dream house a reality. We wanted to know what home improvement trends to expect in the coming year, so we asked our panel of experts to point us in the right direction. With their guidance and our own research we’ve compiled a summary of the biggest home improvement trends to expect in 2012.

Home Expert Network: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Home Expert Network? 2. How will I benefit from joining? a. What kind of exposure will I get on eLocal? b. Who else participates? c. Can I give you a bio to post on eLocal? d. Is there a badge I can post on my website showing that I’m an eLocal Expert? 3. How much time will it take to participate? 4. How does it work? What’s the schedule? a. When does the question go live? b. When does the Home Expert Awards post go live? c. When does the Follow-up article go live? 5. What’s …

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Participate With Us in Small Business Saturday!

This Saturday, November 26th, is the second annual Small Business Saturday, a great initiative that supports shopping at small, local businesses, with the hope of making a big, national difference. Supporting the efforts of small businesses is one of eLocal’s tenets as a company, and we all want to get involved! After all, why not avoid the hordes of frantic Black Friday shoppers, and instead celebrate the individuality of your community by heading out a day later?

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Career Advice for the Home Improvement Industry

Every industry has its tried-and-true methods of jump-starting a career. From engineering to accounting and science to the legal space, there are countless resources for those looking for advice. However, what about the home improvement industry? It’s little talked about and a lot of home professions don’t require the same collegiate training path, so how do those interested in exploring this fulfilling and hands-on industry get advice? With the help of our Blog-Off experts, we break it down…

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Media’s Depiction of Home Improvement: Good or Bad?

With HGTV, DIY Network, and magazines like Dwell, home improvement is taking the media by storm. However, do the media help homeowners or set unrealistic expectations? Are the “reality home shows” an accurate depiction of real life experiences? We asked our panel of experts whether the media portrayal of home improvement was helpful or not. This is what they thought… The Big Question Is the depiction of home improvement on TV shows and other media helpful to homeowners? • With the prevalence of celebrity designers/contractors/etc. and their popular television shows and writing, do you think homeowners are getting an accurate …

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