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When should you refuse a project?

When you work in a service industry, you often find yourself at the mercy of your clients’ whims. Many homeowners do research into what trends are popular and what options are available to them beforehand, and sometimes they have bad information and want something that is either impractical or unsafe. Dealing with a situation where a customer wants you to circumvent the rules for a project can be a tricky, delicate process, and it’s a tough situation for both the homeowner who isn’t getting what he or she wanted, and for the professional who might even have to walk away …


What’s the most dangerous part of your job?

Most home owners don’t think of home improvement as being particularly dangerous. Sure, you have to watch where you step on a construction site, but the work itself is pretty straight-forward and easy to learn, right? Not according to our experts. Last week, we asked our home maintenance professionals what the most dangerous parts of their jobs are, and their answers were often surprising. Here are just a few of the hidden risks involved in three major categories of home improvement. All of them are excellent reminders of why you should hire professionals and not try to DIY all of …

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Incorporating Plumbing and Electrical Work into Design

Welcome to eLocal’s inaugural Blog-Off article! If you missed reading about what the Blog-Off is and our mission to unite the home improvement industry, you can read more about it in our Blog-Off series announcement. For this first Blog-Off article, we asked the experts when in the design process homeowners should make plumbing and electrical decisions. If you are considering or starting a remodel, this is a must-read!