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Top Tips for Choosing Toilets: Home Expert Awards

More than any other appliance, toilets create special relationships with their owners. Depending on your past experiences, your toilet is something that can inspire feelings of great trepidation (overflowing bowls!) or great trust. Ensuring that your toilet is something you can count on starts with your initial purchase.

For something with such a simple job, toilets are available in a mind-boggling array of designs: low-flow, high seat, high-tech, plastic, marble, and on and on. Some features affect a toilet’s function, some only change its look. Few homeowners would ever choose form over function, but that’s not to say a toilet’s design and appearance don’t matter. To find out what does matter when choosing a toilet, we asked our plumbing experts.

We’re flushing away toilet myths and getting the best advice. See below for expert tips on choosing your new toilet!

What Should Homeowners Consider When Buying a Toilet?

What should I consider when buying a toilet? Efficiency? Flush capacity? Water usage? Gravity fed or Pressure assisted? Seat height? Bowl shape?

Do aesthetic or ergonomic features affect function?

Most Inspiring

"Here’s a fun and different perspective involving high-tech and health care. Consider a Smart Toilet if your budget, or curiosity allows. Kohler, Panasonic and Toto offer models with different feature sets. I wrote about them last year in 'Smart Toilets, a royal flush for Home Healthcare'" read more

Wayne’s comment inspired us to look at the future of toilet designs. More than waste removal, new toilets may play a significant role in preventative health care!

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Most Creative

"Another thing to consider is that some jurisdictions that are having problems with pure water sources are requiring that all toilets and faucets be switched to low-flow. So, if your city has water restrictions for lawn watering, drought conditions or a low water table, then they may require the switching of toilets to stay up to code for resale." read more

Dave’s comment is helpful because it reminds homeowners to check with local codes. No one wants to buy a new toilet and install it, only to have to switch it out immediately. Knowing you need a low-flow toilet can also narrow down your choices and make shopping easier.

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Most Insightful

"As a service plumber I see toilets every day and let me tell you they have progressed so much in the last couple of years it’s amazing. There are so many choices for customers to choose from. When looking for a toilet, ask yourself a few questions such as: is the house a rental? If the toilet is used for a rental I would suggest installing a toilet with a larger throat or trap. There are toilets available that cost a little more up front $200.00-$300.00 at the box stores, but with the larger trap they will not plug up as much as a standard toilet." read more

Rob’s advice is ideal for landlords who don’t want to have to drive out to their properties for such minor problems as a clogged toilet.

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Most Articulate

"From a designer’s perspective, we’ve seen a trend toward “themed” bathrooms and powder rooms in recent years. If this appeals to you, one thing to consider is that most hand-crafted or designer toilet seats/lids are made to fit “standard” fixtures, so sticking with the basic toilet size and shape may actually allow you more room to incorporate the toilet into fun and clever design themes in the future." read more

For those looking to jazz up their toilet in the future, Jason’s advice is very useful. Start basic and you’ll have lots of options for customization, no matter how often you remodel.

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Most Informative

"Here at ER Plumbing Services of Charlotte NC, we’re big fans of Toto cyclone toilets because they are low flush toilets that use gravity and a dual-nozzle water propulsion system. It’s an efficient toilet that works well and will save you money on your water bill.

If your toilets are not low flush, you are using between 3-7 gallons of water per flush. Low flush toilets use 1.6 (or less) gallons of water per flush. Low flush toilets save the average household 25 gallons of water per day.

We have found that high quality low flush toilets perform as well as traditional toilets, and they pay for themselves since the installation will lower your water bill significantly. Low flush toilets are better for the world and better for your home. Our vote goes to low flush toilets!" read more

David’s post is fantastic. He gives homeowners real-world advice and makes pulling the trigger on a new water-saving toilet easy. You can’t argue with something that works great and lowers your bills.

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