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Home Security Systems: Home Expert Awards

In today’s world, security systems implement the latest technology to protect our homes. But security systems do not always perform effectively or correctly. In fact, criminals are skilled at disarming many home security systems with very little effort which makes us wonder if they represent a false sense of security that actually makes your home less safe.

So this week, we wanted to learn more about security systems and find out what we should be aware of when adding them to our homes. We looked to our panel of experts to get a better understanding of how the latest technologies are finding their way into home security features and systems.

Below, we’ve awarded the comments we found most valuable. Check back later in the week to learn more about the latest home security systems.

Do home security systems really protect your home?

Which features are most important to look for when installing a home security system?

Are internal alarms or external alarms a better option?

Should all security systems be connected to a law enforcement agency?

What about home monitoring services? Are they similar? What advantages or disadvantages do they represent?

Most Inspiring

"I would recommend using the alarm company's capabilities to protect your house if you go on vacation in the winter in order to monitor the temperature in your house. This will allow you to know if the heat goes off." read more

Doug’s comment is great because he shares another use for security systems: temperature monitoring. If your home's heat breaks down, it can lead to disastrous results, not the least of which includes frozen, burst pipes. Some advanced security systems can even detect harmful gases in homes.

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Most Creative

"Most security companies now offer video monitoring as an option, but here’s my take on this. With all the options available thanks to advanced technology, you can purchase your own system that will effectively monitor key places in your home or business, and you can spend a little, or a lot. Most systems can be installed yourself, and some don’t even require new wiring to be installed!" read more

Terry believes that security systems no longer require a professional to install and they are finally affordable. Simple video surveillance may provide you with the security you want for your home, without the hassle of signing up for monthly services and more intensive installations.

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Most Insightful

"By taking reasonable precautions when you leave: leaving a light on, turning on the radio at night, and by being careful with whom you discuss travel plans, you can reduce your chances of being victimized. Also, consider installing motion-activated lights around your home perimeter." read more

Shane’s comment is great because he gives practical advice to protect your home. Simple steps like keeping the television on while you're away can help lower the likelihood of home intrusions.

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Most Articulate

"Don’t leave the curtains open showing off your new large screen TV and other valuables. And don’t discount the effectiveness of a proven security method – a dog!" read more

Kris gives some more basic tips on keeping your home safe: valuables should not be on display. The more discreet you are about expensive household items and periods of absence, the safer your home will remain.

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