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De-cluttering: Home Expert Awards

As any homeowner knows, clutter is one of the biggest obstacles between you and a comfortable, peaceful home. No matter how diligently you clean and sort, there always seems to be a new mess cropping up in an unexpected place. Sometimes it can even feel like you aren’t the one who owns your home–the clutter does! Don’t worry; you aren’t alone. Clutter is a problem faced by every home owner, and even our home-building and design experts must contend with it.

To help you get a leg up on your messy opposition, we asked our experts for their best advice on fighting the clutter invasion. Below, we’ve collected some of their best advice for living clutter-free.

Below, we’ve compiled a few of the helpful answers our experts provided. Check back later in the week for a follow-up article!

How can homeowners fight clutter?

Can the techniques used to hide wiring and plumbing be used for other kinds of unsightly home necessities?

What tricks do you use to keep your tools straight?

Have you seen any particularly clever storage solutions in your years of working with homeowners?

What are your personal favorite storage products?

Most Inspiring

"I have three suggestions, mostly based on personal experience of being a dad to two clutter-inducing daughters. First and foremost, accept that some degree of clutter is going to be part of your life, if you have a family. Only if you make picking up a full time job will you be able to contain it. Having said that, **designate one room to be the clutter-allowed room**. This way, you can allow the creativity and playtime that creates clutter, but you can also contain it or at least hide it. We built a whole upstairs addition just for the kids. I never go up there, but I hear its a fun, chaotic room." read more

Richard's comment was inspiring because it reminds us that clutter is a natural part of every day life, especially when you have kids. Don't beat yourself up if you can't eliminate all of the clutter in your home, because that would be a herculean task. Instead, look for ways to cut down on the clutter as best you can and save yourself the mental anguish.

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Most Creative

“We’re in the custom closet business and the biggest challenge we see is that so many home owners are stuck with stationary storage in closets, pantries, garages and other spots. This means they can’t adjust it or add shelves to it as their needs change without tearing it down or starting over. When the shelves are adjustable, home owners can truly maximize space.” read more

Jennifer offers a simple, yet effective solution to the clutter problems that many people wouldn't think of. By making your storage space as flexible as possible, you allow for changes in the kind of clutter you acquire. That way, your storage can accommodate your changing clutter, instead of leaving it out where everybody can see it.

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Most Insightful

“My clutter philosophy is that clutter is “the physical manifestation of your emotional baggage”…Your stuff & where it accumulates can show where you’re stuck in your life (relationships, finances, health…). Using the 3 Questions on each & every item you own (starting w/a drawer or cabinet) you can clear the mental, physical & emotional clutter that affects your health & well-being.” read more

DeAnna helps explain why we find it so hard to part with clutter. Usually, the kind of mess you create in your home reflects the things that you are worrying about the most--and lingering over. For example, if you have a lot of financial stress, you are more likely to let bills and paperwork clutter your desk. Cleaning out your clutter can also mean clearing out your mind.

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Most Articulate

“The best weapon against clutter is organization and by that I mean, a place for everything and everything in its place. If you have a place for your belongings, the chances are good that you will actually put them there.” read more

Jennifer outlines the most basic principle of staying organized: you have to have a place for everything. Clutter can only happen when things aren't put away, but you can't put away things that don't have homes. By establishing storage spaces for everything you own, you can drastically reduce the mess in your home.

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Most Informative

“Entering peoples homes day in and day out we witness how much ‘ stuff ‘ people can accumulate. This large amount of clutter can hinder the way that we service the clients home. Not only a fire hazard, but also a harborage for pests.” read more

Joseph's comment helps remind us why keeping your home clutter-free is important. Your peace of mind isn't the only thing on the line. In many cases, too much clutter can become hazardous to you and your family, especially if you develop a pest problem.

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