The Guide to Your New Home Improvement Toolbox


It can be difficult to find the best tool for the job; sometimes you might be in need of a tool that you didn’t even know exists!

We’re hoping that this guide, compiled with the help of our experts, will give you some great ideas on the next thing you should invest in to add to your home improvement toolbox.

Specific Recommendations

A Skil’s power cutter makes easy work of zipping through those annoying clamshell packages, cardboard and thick material such as vinyl flooring, cork sheeting and carpeting.

An adaptable ratcheting wrench that fits over different sizes of bolts is a live-saver for anyone without a lot of upper-body strength, or just those who like the same result with a little less effort!

The Set and Match level by Kapro tools is
 designed to helps you hang large art. The level allows you to mark the spots on the
wall where the hooks should go and also to keep it level. Anyone with a bulky piece of art or mirrors could use this tool!

Oasis is a highly toxic foam tool known to cause lung infections among many florists, so watch out for the brand when doing DIY flower arrangements. A much more environmentally friendly tool is bind wire, wire covered in a thin layer of waxed cloth. According to Bess Wyrick of Celadon and Celery, “I like using it because it is easy on the hands and gentle on the flowers. You can buy a roll of bind wire for $8 and it will last anyone doing flowers at home or DIY projects for years.”

Jim Gates of Quality Filters, Inc. votes for duct tape: “it is versatile, forgiving, a cool silver color, and surprisingly strong. It hasn’t been too long since I saw a car that it’s road worthiness appeared to be dependent on carefully placed, liberally used duct tape.” Jim also recommends using duct tape on HVAC systems that are losing air by covering the edge of of the filter where it meets the holding frame.

Another interesting solution to air leaks in the home comes from Jason Todd of Greenhomes America, who recommends the blower door, which is a large fan that gets set up in a door of your home and draws air out. It captures total air leakage for the house, showing the areas that need attention.

General Recommendations

Stuart Deutsch of Tool Guyd gave us a great list of the best brands for different types of tools:

-Channellock for tongue and groove pliers and adjustable wrenches

-Wiha for screwdrivers

-Wera for ratchets

-Craftsman for sockets

-Vaughan for hammers

-Stanley for utility knives

-Wright for wrenches

-Gearwrench for ratcheting wrenches

-Leatherman for multi-tools

-NWS for heavy duty pliers

-Grip-on for locking pliers

-Klein or Craftsman for wire strippers

All of these brands are trusted by industry experts, so why not give them a try?

The Consensus

There was general agreement that tape measures are handy thing to have around. Of course, this tool always seems to be the one that you realize you need right when it’s too late. We’d recommend that you keep a small, retractable tape measure in your car for those emergencies when you realize you’re not sure if that piece of furniture is really going to fit.

Another popular tool was furniture sliders, which anyone with wood floors would do well to stock up on! Not only do they protect your floor, but they also are a great help with moving bulky furniture.

A few of our experts (with our resounding agreement) mentioned the Internet as being their favorite tool. If it isn’t your go-to tool for starting any home improvement project, then it should be! Our mission with the Blog-Off is to make this an ultimate resource for all such questions. Thanks experts, for taking us one step closer to that goal!

This information was compiled from the answers provided by eLocal’s Blog-Off Experts. To see the original research, click here.