Fueling Success with Pride and Passion


The eLocal Home Expert Network is an elite group of the nation’s top home improvement professionals. Their outstanding reputation was the inspiration for this week’s blog and our request for stories and pictures of the jobs they were most proud of. After a great response, we’re proud to showcase a few examples. The slideshow below highlights what our professionals are capable of. Each picture represents big challenges, creative solutions and an unwavering enthusiasm for home improvement.

Below, check out a video from Dawn Ohnstad, Coldwell Banker Burnet, Wayzata MN which was produced when she ran into a particularly challenging listing outside of the Minneapolis city limits.

“Typically, anything that is not close to city amenities is harder to sell or, quite frankly, nearly impossible.”

With the video, Ohnstad sold the house at near asking price within just a few days.

For passionate professionals, choosing a project that you’re proud of isn’t difficult. A sense of pride can come from many sources: a particularly difficult job, a charitable act or a personal connection with a client. But being proud of your work is beneficial beyond a simple sense of accomplishment; it has tangible benefits for both the professional and the client.

When Sam Lazarus finished a massive clean-up of a water damaged warehouse, he

“learned that no job was too big for me to oversee and manage. This gave me confidence in what my team and I could accomplish if we set our mind to it.”

Katie Miller from Roomations recalls when a customer sent in a picture of their newly designed room,

“It was a moment where we knew our business was worthwhile and that we are truly helping homeowners to have professional quality interior design in their homes in a simple, no-hassle way.”

When you complete a project and the end result makes you proud, it reinforces your drive to achieve more, to tackle the next challenge with even more zeal. Maintaining that sense of passion will only serve to benefit your business. Our professionals push the envelope every time they tackle a new project, ensuring that their clients are satisfied and their business thrives.