Flashing, a very important aspect of the roof, can best be described as material used to cover and protect joints and angles from damage.

Flashing is typically located where the roof may meet the chimney or a wall and protects the roof from water damage or leaks.

Flashing is installed over various intersecting points. It’s vital in keeping your roof free from damage.

When you hire a roofing contractor it is important to discuss what type of material they will use for the flashing. is important that flashing is made out of weather resistant material and will provide the best protection against water and ice.

Today, a very popular flashing material choice is copper. Copper flashing is typically more expensive than other types but it is extremely durable. In addition to copper flashing, there are other options such as aluminum or galvanized steel. These materials are less expensive than copper but are not as durable.

If your roof is leaking it’s probably a good sign that your roof flashing needs repair. There can be a number of reasons why you may have a leak, but you should always have the flashing checked regularly.

During an inspection it will be obvious if all the nails are holding the flashing tight and that none of the flashing has come loose and/or the existing flashing needs to be repaired or replaced.

Sometimes having the roofer simply repair the flashing may solve your roofing problems. Other times you may need to replace large amounts of flashing to preserve your roof.

Whatever the outcome, It is best to let a professional roofer determine the best course of action for your roofing needs.

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