Eligibility for Social Security Benefits


social security benefitsSocial Security benefits are reserved for those who have met the requirements for retirement.

Yet under certain situations, a person may be found eligible for Social Security benefits for disability.

When a person has an impairment or disability that prevents them from working, they need to apply for social security benefits.

Before applying for social security benefits, you may want to contact an experienced social security attorney who can help you determine whether or not you will meet the eligibility requirements before you apply. An attorney will also be able to help you make certain that you apply for benefits according to the correct format.

The first and most important documentation that you must have for your social security application is the verification that you are, in fact, disabled.

You must also be able to prove with verification that you will not be able to work for at least 12 months due to your disability.

It’s also important to understand that your disability does not only have to be physical. There are other conditions that may be emotional or psychological in nature, and these conditions may also cause permanent disability that prevents someone from working.

There may also be certain situations where a person does not have the proper medical documentation or verification of their disability, yet it is clear that they are unable to work. In these cases the social security administration will look at all of the evidence and make a determination on an applicant’s eligibility.

It is always best to have an experienced attorney assess your case, as the process for determining eligibility for social security benefits can be long and tedious. An attorney can help ensure that you take the proper steps and avoid any unnecessary delays in your application.


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