As many homeowners have discovered, tree roots do grow into the sewer pipes that lead into their homes.

The result of this growth is a drain blockage that requires the help of a plumber.

Plumbers use electric snakes to clean out sewer pipes blocked by tree roots. These roots can snag on everything and anything flowing through the sewer pipe.

Eventually the drain will clog, and cause backup into sinks and bathtubs.
Build-ups occur as pipes age. An electric snake, used properly, can help remove this build up, unclog the pipes and get water running smoothly again.

If your pipe is broken somewhere underground, an electric snake can temporarily clear the line but it will only be a matter of time before it gets clogged again. The only way to solve this problem permanently is to dig underground and replace the pipe where it’s broken.

This is definitely a job for a licensed plumber and should never be attempted by an individual homeowner. Not all drains require the same type of electric snake. There are smaller types of drain snakes that are used on inside drains to clean sediment and blockages in the pipes.

Electric snakes have a feed of about two hundred feet and can spin at about five hundred reps per minute. Inexperience can cause more harm than has already occurred.

A professional plumber knows what to do and how to operate the electric snake safely.

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