The Eco Consulting profession is one of the most promising of the new “green jobs”.

It’s also one of the few green employment fields that is open to almost anyone willing to make the effort to become trained.

This information comes directly from the San Diego-based Eco Institution, a leading environmental education firm.

There are no formal requirements or pre-requisites for pursuing the training needed to become a certified Eco Consultant. Indeed, future Eco Consultants come from all walks of life—business professionals, employees, entrepreneurs, and even homemakers and college students.

That said, certain professionals are usually better prepared for becoming an Eco Consultant than others. This includes any professional whose business involves working with residential properties—such as real estate agents, home developers, home inspectors, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, landscape maintenance professionals, pest-control professionals, plumbers, electricians, and others.

In addition, anyone trained in the arts of construction, engineering, environmental design, and related domains will be well prepared to master the skills and knowledge required to become an Eco Consultant.

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