drug possessionIt is a crime to possess illegal drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, LSD, Methamphetamines, heroin, and drugs that are referred to as club drugs.

Club Drugs include GHB, Ketamine, and Ecstasy or MDMA. Other drugs include illegal steroids and prescription drugs obtained without a prescription.

There are strict penalties regarding any type of drug charges.

Sometimes, people make mistakes in life and may be arrested for drug possession. Unfortunately, they are facing very serious consequences and need the help and advice of a qualified criminal defense attorney.

The consequences and penalties of drug possession vary according to the type of drugs that were involved, as well as the amount.

The laws are very strict regarding drug possession, and what may seem as a small first time offense, may in fact have very serious penalties.

Surrendering your driving privileges, entering a drug counseling program, and serving time in prison are all possible consequences if you are found guilty.