Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing


clock and moneyMany plants that grow wild are revered for their health benefit, their use as spices, herbs, and seasonings.

However, there are also plants that grow in the wild that are illegal due to their mind altering affects.

Even though these plants are natural and may be found in the wild, it is illegal to cultivate or manufacture drugs.

Growing, harvesting, owning, or producing plants such as marijuana or cannabis seeds, would ensue a charge of drug cultivation and manufacturing. Additionally, if you manufacture or produce drugs that are controlled substances, such as LSD, MDMA, Methamphetamines, Cocaine, or Crack Cocaine you can also be charged with drug cultivation and manufacturing.

There are stiff penalties for drug related crimes. Even if you have cannabis seeds and are charged with drug cultivation and manufacturing, you may think that you won’t receive a heavy sentence. This isn’t true.

It is extremely important that you hire an experienced and highly qualified criminal defense attorney to represent you for any drug charges or crimes.

Drug charges are very serious offenses and often include other penalties. Not only may convicted drug offenders spend time in prison, but they may also be required to pay high financial fees, suspend their driving privileges, and may be required to seek drug counseling and treatment. A person charged with drug cultivation and manufacturing also risks losing their personal property.

Since there is so much to lose when a person is charged with a drug offense, it is extremely important that defendants speak with a criminal defense attorney. You can contact an attorney and schedule a free evaluation of your case. You must understand what you are facing and the possible consequences you will experience if you are found guilty.