disabled studentsWhen a child has special needs or is disabled, they are entitled to receive a high quality education, to be kept in a safe and secure environment and many programs through the public school system.

They also have a right to full transportation to and from school.

Sometimes it is necessary for parents to contact the services of an experienced attorney who can help answer any questions that they may have regarding their child’s education.

It isn’t uncommon for disabled students to go through school without ever having their true disability identified.

Many of these students will present emotional or psychological problems.

If their disability has never been diagnosed, their teacher may mistakenly believe that they have disciplinary issues. When this mistake is made, it isn’t uncommon for these children to become suspended and miss even more time when they should be learning.

If you believe that your child is being treated unfairly by his or her teachers, or if your child is facing expulsion or suspension for behavior that you believe is the result of an undiagnosed learning disability due to a disability, you should retain the services of an attorney.

Once your child’s learning disability is verified, it will be much easier to reverse any action that the teacher or school has placed against him or her, and promote an atmosphere that is conducive for learning.

The most important issue at hand is to be certain your child gets the educational attention to which he is entitled.