As homeowners go about their lives, it can be easy to look at things like their plumbing and electrical work without thinking about how dangerous those things can really be. An improperly installed washing machine or poorly wired socket can spell disaster, not only for the homeowner but also for the person doing the installation. Home improvement professionals handle risks like these every day, ensuring that homeowners don’t have to worry about the potential dangers.
We wanted to know about the daily risks and dangers that our experts face just doing their jobs. We asked them to tell us about the most dangerous aspects of their work in the hopes that homeowners can gain a better appreciation for just how risky a lot of this work can be–and how valuable professionals are. Hiring a home improvement professional doesn’t just ensure the work is done well. It also ensures that the work is done safely!
Below, we’ve compiled a few of the helpful answers our experts provided. Check back later in the week for a follow-up article!