In today’s society, credit and debit cards make it simple and easy to complete financial transactions.

However, the same technology that enables people to shop easily also allows easy access for thieves and scam artists.

Credit and debit card fraud is not only a growing problem in our fast paced society it is also a criminal offense.

When someone uses, buys, steals, or makes purchases on your credit or debit card, they have committed fraud.

Additionally, credit and debit card fraud also involves when a person knows that they do not have enough money to pay for items but they continue to use their credit or debit card.

Also, if someone gets involved in a business transaction with someone else, knowing that the consumer is using a stolen credit card or a debit card without permission from the owner, this constitutes debit card fraud.

Businesses must pay careful attention to how they conduct their businesses and accept credit and debit card payments. Though children and minors may like to use their parent’s credit and debit cards, if the card was obtained without their parent’s permission, it would be credit or debit card fraud.

When someone loses their credit or debit card they must take immediate steps to protect themselves from credit card fraud. The first thing they should do is notify their bank or card company and let them know their account number and when they first discovered that their credit or debit card was missing.

If you have been the victim of credit or debit card fraud, seek the advice of an attorney immediately. You should also make certain that the attorney has experience handling these cases.

Credit and debit card fraud can have very serious effects upon a person’s credit and livelihood.