clogged sink

Fixing a clogged sink is something that most of us will need to confront during our adult lives. Of course, a clogged sink will never happen during your week off when you wanted to catch up on projects around the house. No, more than likely that clogged sink will rear its head when you don’t have a minute to spare. That’s just how life happens sometimes. You can either call a plumber or try to clear the clog yourself.

There is no magic formula when fixing a clogged sink, especially in regard to chemical drain cleaners. They are extremely toxic and don’t work any better than other, safer methods. One thing to keep in mind when clearing a clogged sink is that you need to seal off any overflow drains or the drain of another sink that shares the drain when dealing with a dual sink set up. This will allow you to use a plunger and maintain maximum force.

Another excellent method for fixing a clogged sink is pouring a few gallons of hot water down the drain. The water does not need to be boiling but certainly hot enough to help break up any hair, soap or other residue that is blocking your pipes. Always make sure that you have enough room in the sink for a few gallons of water to sit without overflowing the sink as pouring in the water may not immediately clear the clog.

As a general rule, if the clog is not clearing quickly or you cannot determine what is causing the clog, it is best to call a licensed plumber to check out your pipes and clear the clog. What you may have thought to be a simple hair clog might be something far worse.

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