Centipedes live where it is damp and moist. Mulch along the foundation of the home is a waiting invitation for the centipede to enter the home and find places to populate. What some people do not know about a centipede is that they will bite if injured. Babies will not break the skin, but the adult centipedes can bite and cause swelling. There is a difference between millipedes and centipedes, which you need to know when considering the best way to exterminate them. A pest control company can identify the centipede and use the proper pesticides to eliminate them from the home.

If you are noticing more and more centipedes in your home, you will need a professional pest control company to eliminate the pest. Once they start populating, it is imperative that they are eliminated. This usually means inspecting and finding out what drew them to the home in the first place. Exterminators are trained in the safe and effective ways to eliminate centipedes from the home. They will inspect and evaluate the problem before selecting the best way to eliminate them. Pest management is the next step in making sure they do not return.

If you see an over abundance of centipedes in your home, call an exterminator for a consultation. They can tell you how severe the infestation is and what should be done to eliminate them safely. In most cases, bombing the home does not kill the centipede. Proper care needs to be taken to find all the areas where the pest is hiding and nesting. It is usually in the basement, but you might have other areas in the home that are breeding grounds for centipedes. Pest control that is done improperly may result in re-infestation. It is better to use a professional to eliminate the centipede.

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