Some over-the-counter mosquito insecticides and pesticides that are not used according to the directions can cause health issues for the user, other family members, and pets. Sometimes long-term use of pesticides can result in health problems. The pesticides that are approved by the EPA are less harmful to your health. If you do not use the pesticides carefully, you can create a dangerous environment. If you choose not to use a pest control company, make sure you use a non-toxic pesticide.

A licensed and insured exterminator will use the right pesticides that are approved by the EPA. They will also explain any dangers the pesticides pose to you and your family. Exterminators are trained about safe methods of pest control. Mosquitoes are just one of the pests that they work to eliminate. When the proper pesticides are used, health risks are minimal. 0veruse of pesticides will cause health concerns. You should never use more than what the directions advise. This is very important to the environment and your health.

If you have a mosquito infestation, you might call an exterminator to seek help before you try any pest management treatments yourself. They may have a different way to get rid of the infestation that will be safer than the over-the-counter pesticides you were going to use. Safety is important when working with pest control. If you feel uncomfortable about using chemicals of any type, you should contact a pest control company to help you. They are licensed, trained and insured for this type of work.


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