bankruptcy during after divorceDivorce is a very difficult and trying time causing serious emotional pain and distress, but many times, also causing significant financial burdens.

There is no doubt that the pressures and financial upheavals due to divorce may cause an overwhelming burden of debt and failed credit issues.

Sometimes, the best way to handle the debt that occurs due to divorce is to file bankruptcy.

The financial devastation that often occurs with divorce is far reaching, including unpaid mortgages and foreclosures, harassing phone calls from creditors, possible automobile repossession and wage garnishment as a result of unpaid child support.

Sometimes, despite best attentions, divorce just causes too many financial burdens to handle.

When this occurs, it is best to contact a bankruptcy lawyer and schedule a free consultation. Bankruptcy cases are not cookie cutter situations. A bankruptcy lawyer can customize a bankruptcy to meet specific needs.

If you have just been through a divorce, and are experiencing overwhelming financial difficulties, a bankruptcy lawyer will understand your needs and take the time to listen to your situation and come up with a solution.