Adoption is both an emotional and financial commitment. Couples, families, or individuals looking to adopt tend to spend more time and money than they could have ever envisioned. At the same time, the process takes a deep emotional toll, as it is common to make it far along the process, have something go wrong, and end up starting all over again. At that point, families are often emotionally invested and it is very painful to start the adoption process again.

Why we’re asking:

We know that there are many avenues families can choose from when adopting, but it is difficult to know which is best. Many children need homes, whether they are adolescents or newborns, international or domestic. Even though the need is there, and the families are ready, adoption is not that easy. There are countless legal roadblocks to navigate to make an adoption happen.

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Why is adoption so expensive?

What are the legal differences between domestic versus international adoption?

How do you know which route is right for your family?

How can a family stay sane during the arduous process?

We look forward to learning more about adoption.

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