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Rachel Elle

Do I Have a Defamation of Character Case?

When words tread into the realm of real-world implications, there may be cause for a defamation of character legal case, a process that can make amends for harm caused.

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Kaia Koglin

What is Defamation of Character?

Can you sue for defamation? Understanding what defamation of character is — and what it isn’t — can help you make a decision about your legal options.

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Shelley Frost

Can I Countersue?

Can you countersue someone for wasting your time with a lawsuit? Countersuing could be an option depending on the circumstances of the case.

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Sandy Hess

How Can a Plaintiff and a Defendant in a Civil Case Both Receive Damages?

While civil cases are heard before a judge or jury, just like criminal cases, there are some stark differences. For one, there’s not always a clear winner. Instead, the judge or jury can award damages to the plaintiff, defendant, both or neither.

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Carina Jenkins J.D.

Can I Sue Someone For Doxxing?

Cyberbullying and doxxing can turn internet controversies into real-life problems. Find out when doxxing is illegal and what you can do about it.

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Shelley Frost

Can I Send a Cease and Desist?

A cease and desist letter is a written notification requesting that the offending party stop what they're doing — and you don't necessarily need an attorney to help you send one.

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Shelley Frost

How the Bail Process Works

How does bail work, and will you get it? Find out how the bail process works and what you can expect if you find yourself or a loved one facing criminal charges.

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Elizabeth Marcant

What Is Obstruction of Justice?

Legally, obstructing justice refers to acts that are meant to impede or stop any official government proceeding. Learn more about the consequences.


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