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A set of dentures with pink gums and white teeth is shown during the molding process, dentures, teeth, pink gums, gums, pink, white teeth, teeth, production, mold, dental, dentist, dental insurance, insurance, dental coverage, coverage, insurance, insurance coverage, medical, medical coverage, medical insurance
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Does Medicare Cover Dentures?

Dentures are relatively expensive, so it's essential to plan how to cover the costs of your treatment. This guide outlines Medicare coverage for dentures and potential coverage restrictions. 

veterinarian checking the heartbeat of a golden retriever puppy with a stethoscope during an appointment
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Is Pet Insurance a Scam?

In trying to tame vet costs, you might have come across pet insurance options. Here’s a look at how exactly pet insurance works to help you decide whether it’s right for your pets.

A pair of hearing aid devices sit on a red surface, pair of hearing aid devices, pair, hearing aid, hearing aids, device, devices, hearing, aid, ears, human ears, red, red surface, red table, health, healthcare, health care, technology
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Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Medicare is the primary coverage for older adults — but it doesn’t always cover hearing aids. This is what you need to know.

A dentist office with an instrument table and a reclining dentist chair and a white lab coat slung over a shelf sits unoccupied, dentist office, office, dentist's office, medical, medical facility, health, health coverage, health insurance, insurance, medical insurance, medical, lab coat, white lab coat, dentist's chair, medical instruments, instruments
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How Much Does Dental Insurance Cost?

Dental insurance is typically separate from your health insurance. While the premiums add to your monthly costs, they can also save you a significant amount of dental care.

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Why Doesn't Health Insurance Cover Vision and Dental?

Dental and vision insurance are not automatically included in health care plans, but this type of care is essential for a healthy body.

A pickup truck is overtaken by flood waters, pickup truck, truck, pickup, flood, floodwaters, flood waters, storm, storm damage, damage, disaster, natural disaster
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How Do You Identify a Flood-Damaged Car?

In the market for a used car? Use these tools and strategies first to thwart unscrupulous salespeople and ensure it hasn't been in a flood.

A caduceus sits on top of a fanned out stack of hundred dollar bills on top of a brown woodgrain desktop, caduceus, snake, money, cash, money, hundred dollar bills, bills, cash, hundreds, paper money, currency, desk, brown woodgrain desktop, woodgrain, brown woodgrain, desktop, desk, financial, insurance, COBRA, health insurance, health coverage, medical, medical insurance, medical coverage, health, health insurance, health coverage, healthcare
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How Much Does COBRA Insurance Cost?

The time left on your employer-provided health insurance is dwindling. What do you do? COBRA insurance is an option until you can get coverage from a new employer.

A human hand holds health insurance enrollment forms in the foreground as a doctor wearing a white lab coat sits in the background, insurance enrollment forms, insurance enrollment, enrollment, insurance, health insurance, health coverage, coverage, health, health care, doctor, physician, white lab coat, lab coat
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Can I Get Insurance After Open Enrollment?

Can you get insurance after open enrollment? The rules on enrolling outside of the typical enrollment period vary based on the type of health insurance you want.


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