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A closeup of an open filing cabinet drawer full of file folders with one labeled for insurance and one labeled for fraud and another labeled for claims and another labeled as under investigation, file folders, folders, labeled file folders, filing cabinet, cabinet, insurance, insurance fraud, under investigation, investigation, fraud, insurance claims, claims, crime, financial crime, paperwork, documents
Sandra Hess

What Is Insurance Fraud?

If you’re thinking of telling a little white lie to your insurance company or representative — think again. Insurance fraud comes with some very serious consequences.

Close-up of credit bank card of holder and currency money. Blue toy vehicle and currency banknotes on table. Finance car insurance and business concept
Rachel Rose

What Can I Do if No One Will Insure Me?

Some drivers hit roadblocks when shopping around for auto insurance — like rejection from every major provider out there. But when no one will provide a policy, what options are left?

Motorcycle, travel and medical insurance concept. Motorcycle model and word insurance on table, blurred manager with documents in background.
Team eLocal

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Motorcycle insurance is a requirement in many states — and without it, you could end up in legal hot water and find yourself paying out of pocket in the event of an accident. Here's what to know about coverage.

Toy cars in acciden on a background of 100 dollar bills
Team eLocal

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

Car insurance is a must for any motorist to ensure you're not personally liable for costs after an accident, and it's a legal requirement in almost every state. Here's how much it costs.

MORGANTOWN, WV - 12 AUGUST 2018: UPack Relocube moving containers on driveway of townhouse
Bea Johnson

What Insurance Coverage Do I Need While Moving?

Moving insurance can take a bit of the stress of moving off your plate. Here’s how it can afford you extra peace of mind during this period of change.

Uprooted tree fell on a house after a serious storm came through
Team eLocal

Does Insurance Cover if a Tree Falls on Your House (Even if No One Is Around to Hear It)?

Insurance sometimes covers tree-related damage, but coverage may depend on the circumstances. Liability can get more confusing if a tree damages neighboring property.

A closeup of a female hand shows her four fingers and a diamond engagement ring with a wedding band on the ring finger, wedding ring, ring, wedding, engagement ring, engagement, engaged, fiancee, fiance, diamond, diamond ring, fingers, female fingers, woman, woman's hand, woman's fingers, ring finger, wedding band, jewel, jewelry
Team eLocal

Should I Insure My Engagement Ring (and Other Valuables)?

Engagement rings have significant sentimental value, but losing a ring can also be a considerable monetary loss. Here's what to know about insuring them.

A male insurance adjustor stands in the driveway of a residential house as he inspects the building for damage following a tornado, tornado damage, damage, building, house, home inspector, inspector, driveway, brick house, brick, insurance, insurance adjustor, insurance adjuster, shrubbery
Shelley Frost

What Is an Insurance Adjuster and What Do They Do?

Understanding the role of the claims adjuster makes the process easier to navigate and could help you get better results from your insurance claim. 


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