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Lee Soren

What Does 'Pro Bono' Mean?

Whether you’re suing, being sued or just need legal advice, hiring a lawyer can break the bank.  Fortunately, some attorneys offer their services pro bono, meaning free of charge, if you meet certain criteria.

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Team eLocal

10 Lawyer Jokes So Funny, They Should be Illegal

Lawyers are a key component of our legal system, and you’ll certainly be glad they’re there if you find yourself in need of one. That being said, there’s certainly no shortage of lawyerly laughs to be had at attorneys’ expense — heck, at least something comes at their expense instead of yours. Here are the 10 best lawyer jokes we could find.

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Carina Jenkins J.D.

What Do I Do If My Car Was Stolen?

Car theft creates a major hassle that can leave you angry and afraid, but you're not alone.  Knowing what steps to take and how to report a stolen car can help ease frustration.

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Shelley Frost

What Is a 'Public Nuisance' in Terms of the Law?

Legally, there’s a line between a disturbance or annoyance and a public nuisance. Here’s how to know if what you're dealing with crosses that line.

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Shelley Frost

What Is a 'Private Nuisance' in Terms of the Law?

It's natural to feel annoyed if your neighbor plays loud music or blocks your driveway, but when do those things become a private nuisance in the eyes of the law?

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Team eLocal

What Does It Mean to Be Held in Contempt of Court?

Being held in contempt of court is a serious matter and could have serious implications, including jail time. Here's what you need to know about the consequences of these charges.

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Shelley Frost

What Support Services Are Availble to Victims of Crime?

Crime victim services can vary, with options including emotional support, financial assistance and legal guidance.

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Shelley Frost

How to File a Noise Complaint

One way to stop noisy neighborhood conflicts is by filing a noise complaint. However, that's only an option when there's a noise ordinance in place.


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