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A man carrying a briefcase arrives home from work to his home has been ransacked and burglarized with his belongings strewn about the floor of his residence, burglary, crime, robbery, criminal activity, crime victim, victim, briefcase, mess, ransacked, burglarized, burglar, steal, stolen, stealing, larceny
Shelley Frost

What to Do After a Break-in

Your home is your sanctuary, so dealing with a break-in can leave you feeling violated. Before you charge into your home to serve up your own justice, take a few deep breaths and err on the side of caution.

Gavel laying on top of us money.
Elizabeth Marcant

How Much Are Court Costs?

Courts charge fees to help cover the cost of running these systems. Court costs can range from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on the type of case and process you're dealing with.

Man judge is currently advising clients on their requests for legal proceedings and legal advice.
Elizabeth Marcant

What Constitutes a Legal Contract?

When you buy a home, take out a student loan or enter into a partnership with a business associate, you're entering into a legal contract. Because contracts have lasting consequences, it's important to understand exactly what each one entails.

Portrait of Asian man bakery shop owner using laptop computer advertising online bakery store on social media in the kitchen, white kitchen, kitchen, man, male, baker, cookies, chocolate chip cookies, baking sheet, baking, baker, white apron, apron, laptop computer, laptop, computer, bakery, online bakery, home business, business, home kitchen, residential kitchen, online business, internet business, online, internet, cooking, cook, white countertop, countertop
Kaia Koglin

What Is a Cottage Food Law?

Cottage food laws allow people to produce and sell food in their homes. No need for a licensed kitchen; you can turn your passion for baking into a business — as long as you understand those laws.

grid of various luxury accessories showing damage and incorrect brand names
John Warbuck

What to Do If You're the Victim of a Counterfeit Product Scam

Is the gadget or accessory you ordered not authentic like you expected? Learn what to do if you become the victim of a counterfeit product scam.

A middle aged man is seated in a dark interrogation room with his back to the viewer as a female in a red business suit and a man in a dar business suit examine a legal document, interrogation, interrogate, question, legal, law, lawyer, attorney, investigation, red business suit, red suit, middle-aged man, defendant, perp, perpetrator, suspect, lawyers, attorneys, interrogation room, dark room, paperwork, legal, legal documents, alibi, questioning
Lee Soren

What Is an Alibi?

Curious what an alibi really is? Read this to find out the full definition of alibi and what this legal strategy means for defendants and their attorneys.

A woman in business attire sits on the witness stand looking intently in the foreground as a bearded male judge looks on from the bench in the blurred background, female witness on the stand, on the stand, witness, expert witness, witness testimony, cross-examination, testimony, court, courtroom, legal, law, attorney, judge, male judge, bearded, beard, bench judge's bench, witness stand, the stand
Lee Soren

What Is an Expert Witness?

This article provides the definition of an expert witness. It explores the types of professionals who may serve as expert witnesses and the situations in which they may be called to testify.

A lawyer sits at his desk in front of shelves of legal books and speaks to two clients seated at the other side of the desk, lawyer, attorney, male attorney, male lawyer, law, law office, lawyer's desk, lawyer's office, clients, law books, legal books, books, binders, desk, legal, legal advice
Lee Soren

What Does 'Pro Bono' Mean?

Whether you’re suing, being sued or just need legal advice, hiring a lawyer can break the bank.  Fortunately, some attorneys offer their services pro bono, meaning free of charge, if you meet certain criteria.

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