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Gwen Case

Is It Legal to Record a Police Officer?

Whether the police are contacting you or you're witnessing a police encounter as a bystander, you may have questions about when you can record police. In most cases, you do have a right to record interactions with police.

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Missy Nolan

Is It Legal to Record a Conversation or Phone Call?

Is it legal to record conversations, such as those with managers, police officers or debt collectors? Learn the legalities of logging verbal conversations without consent before you hit the record button.

Man recording a street performance of a guitarist with his mobile phone
Sarah Stasik

Is It Legal to Record Video in Public?

Recording laws are complex and vary by state. However, there's some general guidance that can help you keep video recording within the confines of the law.

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Kaia Koglin

Cyberstalking Laws: How to Protect Yourself

Cyberstalking is defined as harassment and intimidation using the internet or technology. Know your rights.

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Rowan Guthrie

How to File a Complaint Against a Police Officer

Police officers are expected to uphold the law and respect the rights of the people they serve. Americans can file a complaint against a police officer they accuse of misconduct. Here's how.

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Rowan Guthrie

8 Weird Laws States no Longer Enforce

In the records of the American legal system, there's a plethora of weird laws. Many no longer serve any practical purpose, and others have fallen into disuse, but these odd statutes still linger in state codes.  

Lawyer discussing legal case with client
Rowan Guthrie

How Long Does It Take for a Case to Go Through the Courts?

Going through the courts can make you feel like you're in a maze of baffling and inexplicably lengthy legal processes. Here’s a look at the average timeline of a criminal case.

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Rowan Guthrie

How Do You Fire Your Attorney?

This guide explores how to fire a lawyer and the circumstances that might cause you to part ways with your legal counsel.

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