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How Do Lawyers Charge For Their Services?

How do lawyer fees work? Understanding attorney fees and costs may help you determine whether it’s worth it to pursue legal action.

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Does It Cost Money to File a Restraining Order?

Does it cost money to file a restraining order? This guide covers everything you need to know about the potential costs involved. 

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What Liability Do You Take on When Trick-Or-Treaters Come Onto Your Property?

Trick-or-treating comes with some risks, especially for trips and falls. Find out about liability for these incidents to ensure you're protected this spooky season.

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What Is Attorney-Client Privilege?

Attorney-client privilege protects your right to confidential communications with your lawyer. Understanding how it works can help you ensure confidentiality if you ever need legal representation.

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How to Read a Basic Contract

While navigating legal jargon can be tricky, reading a contract doesn’t have to be intimidating. You just need to understand what elements these documents should contain and what red flags you should be watching for.

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Can I Get My Speeding Ticket Reduced?

Moving violations can be time-consuming, have financial repercussions and can impact your driving record. Find out if your infraction is set in stone — and if not, how to get  your speeding ticket reduced.

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What Happens If You Don't Pay a Traffic Ticket?

While ignoring a traffic ticket is a bad idea, don't panic if you forgot about one. There are usually ways to remedy the situation.

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How to Prevent Auto Fraud

Even though you should be able to trust auto dealerships, not all of them are honest and trustworthy. Find out what auto fraud is and how you can protect yourself.


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