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Matt Schmitz and Lauren Leazenby

VIDEO: Know Your Android or iPhone Smartphone's Serial Number? You May Need It!

If you need to have your smartphone serviced or repaired, you may be asked for the serial number. Do you know your phone’s serial number? Of course you do, right? It’s 2, 4 … niner … OK, well, what ultimately matters is that you know how to find it. Watch this video to learn three ways to find the serial number on your iPhone and three ways to find the serial number on your Android smartphone.

HomeServe Managing Editor Matt Schmitz crouches in a kitchen next to an open oven that clearly has not been cleaned in a very long time, dirty oven, oven cleaning, oven, cleaning, maintenance, appliance maintenance, kitchen appliance, appliance, male, Matt Schmitz, kitchen, domestic kitchen, open oven, oven door, open oven door, oven racks, filthy oven, teapot, tea kettle, stove, gas oven, gas stove, GE appliances, kitchen counter, countertop, kitchen countertop
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Matt Schmitz

VIDEO: 8 Easy Steps for Giving Your Oven Some Overdue Lovin'

If you’ve neglected your oven and need to wipe away your kitchen’s dirty little secret fast, we'll show you how. Watch this video to learn eight easy steps for givin’ your oven some overdue lovin’.

Domestic coffee station detail
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Team HomeServe

Espresso Maker Buying Guide: Top 5 Machines to Get Your Caffeine Fix

Choosing the right home espresso machine is the key to making the best coffee you've ever had in your life. You don't have to be intimidated by the mechanics of espresso making; this guide will answer your questions.

Lawrenceville, GA, USA - November 23, 2013:  A teen volunteer stacks a computer hard drive with other computer parts to be recycled at Gwinnett County's America Recycles Day event.
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Team HomeServe

Here's How to Recycle Your Old Electronics

Recycling unwanted electronics is an excellent way to reduce the amount of space taken up by landfills and do your part to protect the planet. Find out where to access electronic recycling services and what to do with non-recyclable devices and batteries.

Coffee pot and containers on counter
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Team eLocal

How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

Cleaning your coffee helps remove the buildup that often accumulates inside the machine that can affect the taste of your coffee.  Here's how to clean your drip coffee maker, Keurig or espresso machine.

Caucasian Mature women shopping for a washing machine at a discount store wearing a protective face mask
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Michael Franco

Scratch-and-Dent Appliances: What to Know Before You Buy

Getting a scratch-and-dent appliance can save you big, but it's important that you be well informed about what you're getting into. Here's our guide.

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How to Clean Grease and Gunk From Around Your Range

If your kitchen cabinets, counters or exhaust fan have accumulated some grease and grime, try using these homemade cleaning solutions to banish that grease and leave your kitchen sparkling clean.

Wolf stovetop and range hood with pot filler on wall
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Team eLocal

Here's How to Clean Your Range Hood

Regular cleaning ensures that your range hood runs efficiently. It can also eliminate a source of grease fires. Here’s how to clean yours.


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