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Human hand checks dishwasher hose underneath a kitchen sink with visible plumbing, electrical cords and a spray can of cleaning product, pipe, drainage pipe, metal pipe, white hose, drainage hose, can, blue can, electrical cords, cords, power cords, black cords, under kitchen sink, under sink, kitchen
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Lauren Leazenby

Ever Heard of 'Brown Friday'? Pro Tips to Avoid Plumbing Pains in Thanksgiving's Aftermath

The way you treat your pipes, drains and other fixtures on Thanksgiving can help stave off a disaster that necessitates a call to an emergency plumber tomorrow.

A birds eye view of a white toilet with the seat down as it flushes, flushing toilet, toilet, flush, flushing, bathroom, restroom, residential toilet, toilet bowl, toilet seat, tile floor, porcelain toilet, porcelain, water
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Team eLocal

Try These 3 Tricks to Unclog Your Toilet Before You Call a Plumber

You flush your toilet, but instead of the water in the bowl going down, it rises. A primer on toilet clogs and what you can do about them might help you in this time of dire need.

The black tanks of a household water softener sit on a concrete floor against a white brick wall, black tanks, black, tanks, household water softener, water softener, softener, concrete floor, floor, concrete, white wall, white, wall, water service line, water
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Team eLocal

Do You Need a Water Softener? How to Make This Hard (Water) Decision

Finding yourself wondering whether you need a water softener? The answer depends on your local water supply. Here are some basics to keep in mind.

rain shower head
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Why Is My Showerhead Leaking When the Water Is Off?

A never-ending drip from your shower is annoying and can be a big waste of water. Luckily, there are some common reasons for a showerhead leaking — and many of them are easy to fix.

A closeup of an outdoor faucet also known as a hose Bibb is shown with the hexagonal shaped handle and chrome Bibb extending from white house siding, white siding, siding, hexagon, hexagonal, faucet, outdoor faucet, outdoor, outside, chrome, metallic, hose bibb, bibb, hose
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How to Drain a Hose Bibb for Winter

Learn how to drain a hose bibb for winter to prevent major plumbing issues inside your home. It's a quick and easy project that most homeowners can — and should — handle.

Middle aged man repairing burst water pipe
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How Much Does an Emergency Plumber Cost?

Emergency plumbers provide urgent assistance outside of regular business hours. However, many people worry about the impact of calling an emergency plumber on their wallets.

illustration of steam escaping a toilet
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Michael Franco

Why Is There Hot Water in My Toilet?

If you realize your toilet has hot water in it, you’ll need to do some troubleshooting as to why it’s there so you can get to work on fixing it. Here's how.

illustration of rattling pipes in a basement
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Michael Franco

What Causes Rattling Pipes?

It’s true that rattling pipes can be rather unnerving, but the good news is that rattling doesn’t usually indicate a major problem. Here's everything you need to know.


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