You're Gonna Need a Bigger House! 7 Signs It's Time to Upsize

by Shelley Frost
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Thinking of upgrading to a bigger house? Moving is a big task, but sometimes you need extra space to spread out and live comfortably.

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House size affects how much you enjoy your home and how functional it is. Consider these signs to determine if you need to upgrade to a bigger house.

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7 Signs You're Outgrowing Your Current Home

When considering a bigger house, a lot of things go into the decision. House size impacts the cost of the home itself. But it also means higher maintenance costs, increased property taxes and more furniture to fill the space. Making sure you need a bigger home is important before you make the bigger investment. Here are some signs that you might need more space to live comfortably.

1. Increase in Family Size

It's common for people to buy homes that fit their family size at that time. Maybe you thought you were done having kids, but you added to the family anyway. Or perhaps someone from your extended family needs a place to stay, so they moved in.

Changes in your family size can justify buying a bigger house, especially if you want everyone to have their own bedroom. You might also decide to upgrade as your kids get older. Sharing a bedroom as young kids might seem like an endless sleepover, but teens often want their privacy. Your family might decide to get a bigger house to accommodate those changing preferences.

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2. Change in Activities or Situations

Life can change a lot over the years. With the growing popularity of a remote workforce, you might find yourself working from home. Finding a private space to work remotely isn't always easy if all spaces are already claimed. It can be even more challenging if your partner also works from home.

You might also have other changes, such as a new hobby or a side business that takes up space. All these situations might cause you to look for a home that better accommodates your new activities.

3. Pet Needs

If you add a pet to your family, you might need to upgrade your living quarters in other ways. For example, a new canine companion benefits from a spacious yard. If you currently live in a condo or a home with a small yard, upgrading to a bigger house with more private outdoor space can help your pup feel more at home.

4. Not Enough Space for Everything

An obvious sign that it's time for a bigger house is simply not having enough space for everything. In some cases, you can downsize your belongings and make your current home work. But if you have things you need or items you don't want to get rid of, a house upgrade could be the answer.

A lack of overall storage often inspires homeowners to start looking for something new. Older homes are often short on closets, so you might want something newer with more space for all your clothes. If you have a small kitchen, you might want more space to spread out, especially if you love to cook.

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5. Feeling of Being Cramped

Sometimes, a small home just feels cramped. You might feel like you're always on top of each other or you don't have enough room to spread out in your home. In some cases, that feeling is just because the home is small and there isn't enough room. In other cases, it might be a poor layout with a choppy design that makes you feel cramped. Finding a new house with more space and a better layout can ease those cramped feelings, making everyone feel more comfortable and at home.

6. No Entertainment Space

Love to entertain but don't have enough space or the right layout to do it? You might want to upgrade to a bigger house to accommodate all your guests. That might mean a larger kitchen or an open concept to make it easier to entertain. If you have overnight guests frequently, you might want a bigger house that has one or more guest rooms.

7. Ideal Market Situation

Even if your current home fits your needs, you might decide to go bigger with your home if the real estate market supports it. Maybe you can get a good interest rate, or your home will get large offers that would give you a huge profit. If you know you'll need a bigger home eventually, and the market conditions are in your favor, upgrading early could give you the bigger house you'll eventually need while benefiting your bank account.

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