5 Pet-Friendly Home Upgrades

by Sandy Hess
a residential yard gets a fresh trench dug for an invisible dog fence

Having pets can be lots of fun for the whole family. No matter what types of pets you have, it usually doesn’t take long before they become an important part of the family.

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That’s why it can make sense to add some special features in your home that are just for them. These types of pet-friendly home upgrades can keep your animals healthy, happy and safe while also making it easier to care for them.

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Animal Lovers: Consider These 5 Pet-Friendly Home Upgrades

Here is a look at five affordable home upgrades that can make your four-legged pets feel right at home.

Built-In Feeding Station

If you have dogs or cats, chances are you’ve already kicked your pet’s water bowl over a time or two. You can avoid this issue and provide a better eating experience for your pets by creating a built-in feeding station. If you have a larger dog, consider investing in raised feeding bowls to help reduce some of the stress your dog may feel in its back and neck area while bending down to eat.

You want to build this station in a convenient location, such as your kitchen or laundry area. This feeding station should include water and food bowls for your pets and space to store food and treats.

Pet Water Fountain

Water is an essential nutrient that’s important to your pet’s overall health. It can assist with digestion and help the body break down the nutrients found in pet food and treats. If your pets don't drink enough water during the day, it can lead to dehydration, which can have serious consequences, including organ damage.

The good news is that many pets, especially dogs, are good at regulating their water intake if water is readily available. Since it’s not practical to be at your pet’s beck and call 24/7, installing a pet water fountain is the next best thing. This can ensure your animals always have plenty of water available.

Secured Backyard

Understandably, keeping your pets safe is your number one priority. While a strong leash is adequate when walking your dog, you may want to let your animals roam freely at home. To ensure your dog doesn’t run away or out in traffic, it’s crucial to create a safe outdoor space.

This factor makes building a wood or metal fence to enclose your backyard one of the top home renovations for pet owners. You can also opt to invest in an invisible fence. This type of fence sends radio signals through a transmitter to alert your dog when it's getting close to the boundaries you set.

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Outdoor Space for Cats

Cats are relatively happy living indoors if given the right toys and space, but they also love the outdoors. You may be a little leery of leaving your four-legged friends outside — and for good reason. A cat could quickly run away or into traffic. If you’re looking for a safe way to allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors, consider building or purchasing a catio.

As the name suggests, a catio is a special outdoor patio just for cats. Typically, these structures include a screen enclosure and are directly attached to a window or pet door. This home upgrade allows your cat to enjoy the outdoors whenever you have the door or window open.

Dog Washing Station

If you have a dog, one of the top home upgrades you should consider is installing a dog washing station. Many pet owners choose to place this station in the mud room or laundry room because it’s close to the door. A dog washing station allows you to easily bathe your dogs or wash their paws off when coming inside to avoid muddy paw prints throughout the house.

If your dog isn't a fan of bath time, install a hook to hold the leash while giving your dog a bath. Be sure to invest in a removable showerhead. This makes washing your dog a lot easier. Finally, include some shelving to hold various items, such as towels, shampoo and a dog brush.

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