How Much Does an Epoxy Floor Cost to Install?

by Oriel Roy
A freshly painted with a gray epoxy finish sprinkled with blue, black and white plastic chips.

Choosing the right flooring for a garage or kitchen can be tricky, especially if you need a material strong enough to drive over.

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Enter epoxy — a durable, attractive floor coating designed to withstand heavy wear and tear. Below, we'll explain everything you need to know about epoxy floors, including how much they cost and whether they're a suitable DIY project.

What Is an Epoxy Floor?

An epoxy floor is a concrete substrate coated with a type of synthetic resin called epoxy. The epoxy binds to the concrete to create a hard, durable finish that can withstand heavy wear.

There are several types of epoxy floors, including water-based and solid epoxies. Some types are suitable for DIY installation, such as epoxy paints that you apply with a roller. Poured epoxy floors are best installed by professionals unless you're confident you know what you're doing. You can apply clear epoxy over painted floors to protect the surface, although epoxies also come in various colors and contain decorative flakes.

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Where Are Epoxy Floors Commonly Used?

You can apply an epoxy coating to any concrete floor. However, epoxy floors are more commonly used in areas with heavy footfall, such as kitchens. They're also an ideal option for garages because they can withstand being driven over by vehicles.

How Much Does an Epoxy Floor Cost?

According to HomeGuide, professionally installed epoxy floors cost around $3 to $7 (CAD 4 to CAD 9) per square foot, with most homeowners spending between $1,320 and $3,080 (CAD 1,761 and CAD 4,108) on a two-car epoxy garage floor.

What Factors Affect How Much an Epoxy Floor Costs?


The type of epoxy you apply can significantly impact the overall cost. Water-based epoxy coatings are significantly cheaper, costing between 37 cents and $1.20 (CAD 0.49 and CAD 1.60) per square foot for materials only. Solid epoxy is much more durable but usually costs around $1.40 (CAD 1.90) per square foot.


You'll need to prepare your concrete floor before applying the epoxy. Preparation involves cleaning the floor to remove any grease, dirt and other residue, leveling the surface and repairing cracks or holes. You should also etch the floor before installation using an industrial grinder or acid etching solution. Etching the floor helps the epoxy bond to the surface and creates a more durable finish.

Many homeowners choose to prepare their floors themselves to reduce the cost of epoxy flooring. Paying a professional to prep the floor usually costs around $500 (CAD 670), or between $2 and $5 (CAD 3 and CAD 7) per square foot. Add an extra 60 cents to $1.60 (CAD 0.80 to CAD 2) per square foot if you want to paint the floor before applying clear epoxy.


Installing an epoxy floor inside your home, like in the kitchen or basement, costs roughly the same as installing an epoxy garage floor. Epoxy pebble patios typically cost around $4 (CAD 5) per square foot, including materials and installation.


You can't apply an epoxy coating to a damaged concrete floor because the fault will affect the durability. Fortunately, repairing concrete floors is relatively inexpensive, provided the slab is structurally sound. You can repair minor cracks yourself using a patching kit for around $25 (CAD 33), while professionals charge around $300 (CAD 400) or more.

A damaged slab is significantly more expensive to repair. First, it's worth hiring an engineer to assess the extent of the damage, which usually costs between $350 and $900 (CAD 470 and CAD 1,200). Repairing the slab can cost as much as $15,000 (CAD 20,000).

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How Much Does It Cost to Install an Epoxy Garage Floor Yourself?

The cost to install an epoxy garage floor yourself starts at around $300 (CAD 400). Expect to spend between 37 cents and $1.40 (CAD 0.49 and CAD 1.87) per square foot on the coating itself and a further $54 (CAD 72) or so for a 3-gallon container of acid etching solution.

You may need to prime your floor before applying epoxy if the concrete is delicate or porous. Two gallons of floor primer typically costs between $39 and $159 (CAD 52 and CAD 212) and helps the epoxy bond to the concrete. You can also purchase epoxy sealant to make the floor more durable. Most DIY stores charge between $125 and $179 (CAD 167 and CAD 239) for enough topcoat to treat an average garage floor.

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