If you hire someone to clean your home, you may be wondering: How much should I tip my house cleaner? What about at Christmas? Should you tip even if you’re not happy with the work?

These and other questions you may have about tipping house cleaners will be answered in the rest of the article.

What does it cost to hire a house cleaner?

If you hire a house cleaner through a company, you may pay between $20 and $45 per hour. It’s a good idea to investigate more than one cleaning company to compare prices. An individual house cleaner may charge less an hour because they don’t have the overhead that a large company does.  

How Much to Tip House Cleaners?

To decide how much to tip house cleaners depends partly on the way you employ them in the first place. You might hire a house cleaner directly, or through an agency. Some agencies pay minimum wage, while others pay more and don’t allow tipping.

If you hire a cleaning person directly for a one-time cleaning or if you want them to clean infrequently, tipping between $10 to $20 a cleaning is fair. But, if you hire your home cleaner directly and use them year round, a cash bonus or a gift at the end of the year is appropriate. The bonus should be the equivalent of one week’s pay.

If you hire through an agency and they only pay minimum wage, a tip for cleaning is appreciated. This is how the house cleaner makes a little extra money. The general rule is to tip between $10 to $20 per service. In fact, most agencies rely on people paying a house cleaner a tip to get them over the minimum wage hump.

On the other hand, you may hire a house cleaner from a company that has a no tipping policy. This indicates to you that house cleaners are paid more to compensate for that.

Factors to Take into Consideration When Deciding on Tipping House Cleaners

When deciding to tip a house cleaner, there are some things to take into consideration before opening your wallet. Below are some FAQs to steer you in the right direction:

        • Is it an individual or a hired company? There are differences between individual house cleaners and cleaning companies. An individual house cleaner may not have a license or insurance. They also may want to be paid by personal cash or by check. They may have lower rates, and they usually have the same cleaning ability as someone who works for a company. But, there’s not much you can do if you aren’t satisfied with the cleaning, if they’re sick, or shut down their business.A cleaning company will send you a house cleaner who is bonded and licensed, but the charge for their services may be more costly to you. If the cleaning job isn’t what you wanted, you can complain to the company. Many companies will send out two house cleaners regardless how large your home is.
        • Did they come out on short notice? Another critical thing to know is if the cleaning service you hire will come out on short notice. You may have unexpected company coming and want to hire them last minute. If the cleaning service is available, giving a tip for that cleaning is a good idea. After all, they’re coming to clean on a day that they usually don’t, and it might be an inconvenience, or they may need to shuffle some appointments around to accommodate you.
        • Are they a regular or one-time cleaner? You’ll want to figure out if they’re going to be a one-time cleaner, or are you going to use them regularly. If you’re only going to employ the house cleaners for a one-time clean, then you would tip $10-$20. If you’re planning on hiring the cleaning service for regular cleaning, a bonus of a week’s pay at the end of the year is a good amount.
        • Are you satisfied with the quality of work? Of course, if you don’t feel satisfied with your house cleaner’s work, you might want to tip less than normal. And depending on the results, you may want to stop using that cleaner, either finding a new individual one yourself, or requesting a new one from the company you hire from.
        • Is it around the holidays? Around the holidays, you should always tip house cleaners. Many people want a little extra cleaning performed because of the upcoming dinners, events, or overnight guests. With lots of traffic coming into your house, you may wish to have rugs scrubbed, or another part of your home cleaned deeper than usual.

      Tip Giving Etiquette

      If you’re planning on giving a Christmas tip to your house cleaner, the ideal time to give it is sometime after Thanksgiving. This way, if needed, the person can use the money to buy Christmas gifts for family and friends. When you do give the Christmas tip, place some crisp new bills into a card. Write a short note about how much you their services have helped you over the year. Everyone likes to feel recognized and it lets your house cleaner know that you appreciate their work.

      Summary: How Much to Tip House Cleaner

      A general rule of thumb for tipping house cleaners is between $10-$20. This is the case if you hire one directly and have them work every now and then, or if you hire from an agency that pays minimum wage. The amount to tip a house cleaner depends on several factors. One is whether or not they are an individual worker, or if they work for a company. Some companies will allow tips, and some will not. It also depends if you’re happy with the job which was completed.

      Follow this guide on tipping your house cleaners, and you’ll have a great relationship with them, as well as a clean home.

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