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Carina Jenkins

My Identity's Been Stolen! What Do I Do Now?

Do you suspect you've been the victim of identity theft? You might not find out immediately, but the effects of identity fraud can be serious for your financial health.

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Here's How Much Money You Should Have Saved By Age

Wondering how much you should have saved at this stage in your life? Find out what your saving options are moving forward.

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How Do I Roll Over My 401 (k) When I Start a New Job?

What do you do with your old 401(k) when you leave your job? This guide provides some insight to the many options you have for your money.

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10 Tips for Catching Up If You’re Behind on Your Retirement Savings

Your golden years won't feel so golden if you're struggling to pay for your basic expenses. These tips will help you save for a more financially secure retirement.

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Why Is the Assessed Value of My Home So Much Lower Than What I Paid?

Your home is probably the biggest investment you'll ever make, so you want to know that it's a valuable asset. Find out what the assessed value is and why it might be lower than what you paid for your house — and why that's a good thing.

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What Does It Mean to Itemize My Taxes?

No matter what your financial situation, your goal is to pay the least amount possible in taxes. Learn more about the options for deductions to help you decide whether itemizing is best for you.

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What Is Adjusted Gross Income?

Adjusted gross income, or AGI, comes up a lot around tax season. You probably think of your income as the amount of money your employer pays you, but for tax purposes, it can be more complicated than that.

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How Do You Take Over Your Elderly Parents’ Estate?

Estate planning for elderly parents is complex with lots of legal considerations, and it becomes even more difficult if your parents aren't cognitively able to help. Here’s how to take over your elderly parents' estate to help keep their finances in order.


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