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How to Get a Marriage License

Planning a wedding is always an exciting time, but it's important to ensure you have the correct legal arrangements in place before your big day. Here's how to get a marriage license.

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What Does It Mean to Be Named Executor of a Will?

If you’ve been named the executor of a will, it means the decedent has entrusted you with making sure their last wishes are carried out. Here's what you need to know about the role you’ll play.

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How Do Living Trusts Work?

Living trusts are a type of estate planning tool that helps you distribute your assets according to your wishes. Learn what a living trust is and how it works.

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Will They or Won't They? What Your Will Can and Can't Do

Wills have limits. So, before you leave a large sum of money to Fido, you should understand what you can and can’t do with this important legal document.

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How Much Does It Cost to Change Your Name?

A legal name change is usually relatively inexpensive, but certain factors can make it costlier. Here's what you need to know.

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What Is a Common-Law Marriage?

While a legal marriage comes with certain benefits, some people opt for a common-law marriage. Find out what a common-law marriage is, and which states recognize these unions.

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What Is a Conservatorship?

If the mention of a conservatorship brings to mind recent headlines about a certain pop-music superstar, you might think it's an arrangement used only by celebrities or wealthy people. However, conservatorships can be put into place in a variety of situations.

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Do You Have Legal Options If Your Child is Suspended or Expelled?

If a child is suspended or expelled, it interrupts their education. Parents have the right to fight the punishment, but it's important to know how to do so to improve the odds of a positive outcome.


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