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Michael Franco

How to Clean HVAC Registers and Vents

Over time, HVAC vents can accumulate dust, dirt, and allergens, reducing the system's efficiency and indoor air quality. Here's how to get them clean.

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Angela Noel

What Is a Central Ventilation System?

Central ventilation systems offer the perfect solution by pumping new life into stagnant living spaces. Explore the science behind these simple mechanical machines and how they use fresh air to improve health and comfort while protecting homes from moisture damage.

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Michael Franco

Everything to Know About Your Furnace's Pressure Switch

Your furnace’s pressure switch plays a crucial role in keeping your heating system and your home safe. Here's all you need to know about it.

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James Fitzgerald

Why Won't My Radiator Turn Off?

If your radiator isn’t turning off, your otherwise cozy room can become a sweltering sauna. Discover the most common causes of a radiator that won’t turn off and how to fix them yourself, here.

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Shelley Frost

AC Tonnage: There's Tons to Learn About Your Air Conditioner's Cooling Capacity

In the market for a new central air conditioner? There's a ton to think about, including tonnage — or cooling capacity. Here's a guide.

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Michael Franco

How to Use Your Air Conditioner for Maximum Efficiency

Ready to beat the heat? Here are five ways to maximize the cooling power of your AC.

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Rowan Guthrie

10 of the Most Common AC Issues — and How to Fix Them Yourself

These are some of the most common issues homeowners often face with air conditioners. The good news? Most of these you can fix yourself without calling an HVAC technician.

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Shelley Frost

4 HVAC Maintenance Tasks You Might Be Missing

You should have professional AC and furnace maintenance at least once per year, but there may be several tasks you’ve neglected on your HVAC maintenance to-do list — and that could spell trouble for your systems.

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