How Much Does It Cost to Replace an AC or Furnace Blower Motor?

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Chances are, you rarely give the individual components inside your AC unit and furnace much thought. Somehow, they all work together to keep you warm or cool. But if there’s one thing you should keep in mind, it’s this: Parts such as the blower motor work hard to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home, causing them to wear out with extended use.

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Generally, you can expect your motor blower to last between 10 and 20 years, although it could have a longer or shorter life span depending on the condition of your unit. Knowing how much motor blower installation costs can help you plan your finances when this essential part of your HVAC system finally stops working.

What Is an HVAC Blower Motor?

Each unit in your HVAC system has a blower motor to circulate air. Furnace blower motors push hot air through your heating ducts, while AC blower motors circulate cold air around your home.

A faulty blower motor could be to blame if your heating and cooling systems aren't working effectively. Without a functioning motor, your furnace and AC unit can't supply climate-controlled air to your living space, even if the units themselves are otherwise in perfect working order.

Your motor blower is more likely to wear out if you don't maintain it correctly and allow dirt and debris to accumulate. However, even perfectly maintained motor blowers fail in the end due to old age or worn bearings.

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How Much Does a New HVAC Blower Motor Cost?

According to Forbes, replacing a motor blower costs around $450 (CAD 600) on average, including the blower motor itself and installation labor. Generally, you should expect to spend between $150 and $2,000 (CAD 200 and CAD 2,670) in total.

However, you could save a significant amount of money if your blower motor is still under warranty. In this situation, your warranty provider pays for your replacement motor blower. However, you'll usually pay a service charge of around $150 (CAD 200) for installation.

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How Much Does Labor Cost to Install a Blower Motor?

Most HVAC professionals charge by the hour for motor blower installation, plus a call-out fee. Hourly rates depend on where you live, but most contractors charge between $75 and $150 (CAD 100 and CAD 200) per hour.

Replacing a motor blower usually takes around two or three hours overall. Therefore, you should expect to pay your contractor between $150 and $450 (CAD 200 and CAD 600) for labor, excluding the cost of materials.

Some homeowners try to save on the cost of a new motor blower by installing it themselves. However, doing so could cause further issues down the line if you misdiagnose the problem or install the blower incorrectly. You could also void your warranty, so it's usually a job best left to the professionals.

What Factors Affect How Much an AC or Furnace Blower Motor Costs?

One factor affecting how much it costs to replace a motor blower is its horsepower. As a rule of thumb, units delivering lower horsepower ratings cost less. For example, 1/4 HP blower motors cost between $100 and $500 (CAD 135 and CAD 670), rising to between $100 and $800 (CAD 135 and CAD 1,070) for a 1/3 HP unit. Expect to pay between $100 and $1,000 (CAD 135 and CAD 1,340) for a 1/2 HP motor. At the top end of the scale, a powerful 1 HP unit could cost as much as $2,000 (CAD 2,670) for the motor blower alone.

Which brand you choose can also impact the overall cost. Installing a generic motor blower is often the cheapest option, providing it's compatible with your furnace or AC unit. However, some generic blowers wear out faster than branded models, and your warranty may stipulate a specific brand to maintain your coverage.

HVAC contractors often charge higher rates for more complex installations. For example, your technician may charge a premium to replace a motor blower in an inaccessible part of your home. You may also pay higher rates if you live in a city or suburban area with higher-than-average costs of living.

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