Unclog a bathtub?

This can be difficult even for an experienced professional.

Unlike a toilet, the bathtub drain has many obstacles that can make the use of a plunger either difficult or downright impossible. The type of stopper on your bathtub will make a big difference in how you can attack a clog.

A clogged bathtub is the number one reason why people call a plumber.

Why not use a chemical drain cleaner? Consider this; have you ever seen a professional use a chemical drain cleaner? No. And there are a plenty of good reasons why. Chemical drain cleaners are caustic in nature and dangerous to the environment. Not to mention the fumes are dangerous to ingest. I often wonder why chemical drain cleaners are still sold by many retailers.

To unclog a bathtub correctly you need access to the clog. This will likely require at least some amount of disassembly of the bathtub drain.

There are different types of drain stoppers and the most difficult to disassemble (and properly reassemble) are drains with a lever to lift and drop the stopper. These are generally classified as pop-up or plunger drains. A qualified plumber will be able to quickly disassemble your drain and run a snake to clear the clog.

Bathtub clogs very rarely appear overnight. The best way to unclog is to act immediately. When you first notice that the bathtub is draining slowly, take action.

Because bathtub clogs generally consist of a combination of hair and soap scum, a couple of gallons of warm water (slightly hotter than a cup of tea) poured down the drain will generally begin to loosen the clog. You may have to do this a few times before the drain runs smoothly.

The sooner you attack the clog, the easier it will be to eliminate it.

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