No heat in the house is a very big problem if you live in a cold weather climate. Before you set off in a panic or begin worrying about huge repair bills, there are a few things that you should try before calling in the professionals.

The most common reason why your heating system is not working has nothing to do with a problem that needs to be repaired. In fact, the reason why your heating system is not working can be as simple as the thermostat getting set to “cool” instead of “heat” or by the thermostat getting set to a very low temperature. Newer thermostats have the ability to be programmed and you should check to see if the program has been turned on or off and readjust it.

If you have checked the thermostat and this is not your problem, you should check the circuit breaker. If the fuse to your electric furnace has blown, the furnace will not kick in. If you have a gas or natural gas furnace with an electric ignition, this will also cause the furnace not to start.

Finally, if you have a furnace with a pilot light, the pilot light may not be lit. It is very important that if you smell gas that you leave the house immediately and do not turn on any light switches. Go to a neighbor’s house and call the gas company or a qualified service technician immediately.

Other simple solutions to the problem of no heat in the house include finding the main power switch to the furnace. As many laundry rooms are located in the same room as the furnace it is easy for the main power switch to get bumped accidentally.

Also look for any “reset” buttons. However, only hit the reset button twice as this can flood the furnace with fuel and become dangerous when the furnace eventually fires.
If none of these solutions fix the problem, call a qualified service technician to restore heat to your home.