If you do not have a frost free hose bib you are probably wondering how to drain a hose bib.

This is a simple piece of home maintenance that should be taken care of before the first freeze of the year. Draining hose bibs is an easy job if you know what you are doing.

The first thing that you will need to do is find the water shut off valve for the outside water spigot. When you locate the shut off valve, turn the valve off and go outside. Once you are outside, remove any hose, diverters or quick releases from the spigot. Leaving any of these attached will not allow water to properly drain from the spigot and will leave you at risk for a split pipe.

Once you have removed everything attached to the spigot, turn on the valve and let any remaining water drain from the spigot. (Note: This is a good time to completely drain your garden hose and store it for the winter.)

It is a good idea to leave the outside spigot in the open position to ensure that if the inside valve leaks, the water won’t be trapped and freeze in the spigot. You should also check by your shut off valve for a small bleeder valve. This valve will allow any additional water to escape the pipe. Replace the cap on your bleeder valve and you are now both ready for the winter and ready for the spring.

When spring arrives, open the shut off valve and go outside to turn off the open spigot. If there is no water leaking from the pipes your hose bib has successfully survived the winter.

If water does begin to leak, call a professional plumber immediately. He or she will be able to fix the problem before it gets much worse.

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