Buzz Off! Here's How Much Mosquito Treatments Cost

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Mosquito Treatment Costs at a Glance

  • Cost to treat 1/4 acre: $400
  • Cost to treat 1/2 acre: $500
  • Cost to treat 1 acre: $1,000
  • Fumigation cost: $55-$100 per visit
  • Adulticide spray: $5-$125

A mosquito infestation in your yard can be a real headache, especially if they find their way inside your porch or if they bother your pets. Many companies offer mosquito yard treatments, which could be a good option if you want to protect your family from bites.

But are they worth the cost? Here’s a price breakdown.

Professional Mosquito Treatments Cost

How much a mosquito treatment costs depends mainly on the size of your yard. According to Fixr, the national average price for treating a half-acre yard during May through September is $500, rising to around $1,000 for a 1-acre yard. Meanwhile, seasonal spraying of a quarter-acre yard will cost about $400.

Different extermination methods come at various price points. Fumigation costs between $55 and $100 on average per visit, and adulticide spray costs between $5 and $125. You may also pay more for treating a large infestation with multiple breeding sites than you would for a small infestation with a single breeding site.

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What Does a Mosquito Treatment Include?

What services a professional mosquito yard treatment includes depends on the company and what treatments you pay for. Many companies include the cost of surveying your property for breeding sites in the overall price. They may also offer advice and assistance to reduce yard features that attract mosquitoes, such as areas of standing water. Some services also provide free visits between scheduled appointments if you need them and may offer specific treatments for breeding and gathering sites.

How Long Does a Mosquito Treatment Last?

Generally, you can expect a mosquito treatment to last for around 30 days. However, the exact time your treatment lasts depends on a few factors, including the extermination method, weather conditions and infestation size. After a month or so, the extermination materials degrade and become less effective.

Generally, you should book a mosquito yard treatment every month during the summer mosquito season. However, you may require treatments more or less frequently, depending on the infestation severity and the conditions in your yard. Your mosquito treatment technician can recommend an effective treatment schedule.

Are Mosquito Treatments Worth It?

Many people are unsure whether to invest in a professional mosquito yard treatment or use a DIY product like a mosquito blower. Although mosquito treatments cost more than treating the yard yourself, it's essential to understand the advantages of a professional treatment before deciding.

Companies offering professional mosquito treatments have specialist knowledge of the most effective eradication techniques. Therefore, they can identify and treat breeding grounds and get rid of the infestation at its source. They will also know how to kill immature mosquitoes and adults, which can be hard to achieve without the correct chemicals and know-how.

DIY mosquito treatments like blowers and foggers may be cheaper, but they contain chemicals that could damage local plants and wildlife. Many animals eat mosquitoes as part of their natural diet. Eating a mosquito that's been exposed to DIY treatment chemicals could poison predators like bats, frogs and birds. These chemicals could also potentially harm your children and pets.

Reputable mosquito control companies only use pesticides approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Although any chemical could potentially damage flora and fauna, hiring a knowledgeable technician who uses approved materials is significantly safer than DIY mosquito control.

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